/Η Nicole Licini, μοντέλο από την Ιταλίδα, μιλά στον Θωμά Χ. Μαρκόπουλο

Η Nicole Licini, μοντέλο από την Ιταλίδα, μιλά στον Θωμά Χ. Μαρκόπουλο

The young Italian Model and Communication Specialist, Mrs. Nicole Licini, tell us about her dreams, life and carreer, with an interview to Markopoulos Ch. Thomas

On the occasion of the release of its Official Calendar 2023, we have the pleasure of hosting Nicole Licini, model, photo model and image girl with statuesque beauty and magnetic gaze. Nicole is from Seriate, a town in the province of Bergamo. She was born on September 18, 2001. From the height of her 1.83 cent. and nature gifter body she has participated in various beauty contests, obtaining important awards. She is a university student of the Communication Sciences course at the University of Bergamo, she is also a musician who plays the flute. She is a kind, polite girl, with many dreams in her drawer but at the same time concrete, realistic and willing. It’s a pleasure to have you here so let’s get to know you better.

Can you introduce yourself, in a few lines, to our readers!

Hello everyone! I’m Nicole Licini and for some years I’ve been pursuing my dream in the world of fashion and entertainment. I’ve been working as a model for some time and in the meantime I like to document a small part of what I do on social media by sharing my days with those who follow me. But I’m not just that, at the moment I’m in my third year of University in Communication. I try to combine work and study, doing what I love most, which is having fun

Describe your character.

By nature I am very sweet and sunny. I love the little things and I’m a very down to earth girl. I consider myself humble and simple, I always try to socialize with everyone. I’m very good, sometimes too much.

Your virtue and your defect.

One of my merits is certainly my being genuine and without masks, I always show myself sweet and with a smile because I like goodness of mind.

As a defect I am definitely a bit too touchy and emotional. I am slightly moved and I feel a very strong empathy towards anyone, which often leads me to be melancholic

What is the relationship with your body?

Thanks to my work I have gained a lot of confidence with my body. I like myself and I have self-esteem, but I am aware that I am not perfect. So slowly, I try to improve myself

Height to half beauty. Do you find yourself in this sentence, being a tall girl?

I’m very tall and initially I didn’t accept it, when I was little I saw it as a bad thing because I was different from others. Now I see it as a positive feature of mine and I’m proud of it

What did you study?

In high school I studied at a tourist institute. Now I have chosen the communication branch because I think it is also inherent in the work I do

Can you tell us how you started your career and from where?

I started at 15 simply for fun, I never would have thought of all this.

Over time I started shooting more and more frequently. They started calling me for fashion shows and wedding dresses. I made myself known more and more thanks to instagram and social networks. So step by step, I built my path in this world.

Being from Bergamo, an area of tireless workers, I imagine you in a typical day, running, between a photo shoot and an event. Quite right?

Right, I’m often in a rush between work and lessons, but I also try to dedicate a lot of time to my mom and the people I care about

Do you remember your first time in front of a lens?

Yes, I was certainly a bit awkward, but I immediately felt at ease in front of the camera.

We have seen you busy as a Grid Girl both on the track and at fairs and events. Do you like this role?

I worked as a grid girl in Spielberg, at the redbullring in Austria, in a MotoGP race in August. I really enjoyed the experience, it was a really fun trip. My dad always followed all the motogp races and I never expected to be on the track and certainly not even him. It was a challenge with myself that I was happy to achieve and I think he would be proud of me too

What are your hobbies and passions?

I really like music, pass I spend all day with headphones in my ears. I also know how to play the transverse flute, but not always having time, I can’t devote too much effort to it anymore.

Are you a methodical girl or do you prefer to improvise?

Unfortunately I am very rational and I always need to schematize everything I have to do in the short or long period of time. When I have so many things to do I am happy, but at the same time I feel the extreme need to have everything under control.

Heels or sneakers? Casual or elegant?

It definitely depends on the situation, but I say elegant. I spend the days in tracksuit and sneakers to be comfortable but to definitely go out in heels and dress if I had to choose. I love to always be feminine and dressed well

Ideal evening?

My ideal evening can be home, Netflix and hot chocolate, as well as an evening dancing until dawn. It depends on my mood and above all on the company you have

Favorite dish?

I could say pizza but it would be trivial, I’m crazy about chicken with potatoes.

Do you love animals?

Yes. Especially cats, although I later found out I’m allergic to them. I have a 13 year old, his name is Pongo

You are very active and followed on social networks. What do you think of this new way of interacting with people?

I think the world of social media is essential nowadays. By now communication is based on the media and the influence they have on people is enormous even when we don’t realize it. Over time I’m trying to exploit them more and more and learn how to make the most of them

Does it affect you knowing that your followers know a lot about you and are many and you know them less?

It doesn’t bother me, on the contrary, I like sharing what I do, because it makes me feel like I have many virtual “friends”. This certainly applies to the people who follow me with pleasure and who politely leave me a message or a kind comment every day. Unfortunately this is not always the case and it happens that some people behave rudely, even if rarely. I always try to read every message I receive, even when I don’t reply. I am immensely pleased with the support that my followers give me

You’ve already posed for a calendar. Now, the official one starring. How did the idea come about and what do you expect from this experience?

The idea was born in September after posing for two 2022 calendars with workshops.

I decided to make one of my own with the help of the photographer Sirio Serughetti. I’ve known him for years and I find him good at finding the right moment and a good understanding with the model. I took care of the design, manufacturing and also the shipping. Soon all the calendars will arrive and I’m sure whoever bought it will be satisfied.

What impresses you in a man?

I appreciate kindness and romance so much. I’m very romantic and I don’t like disrespect or rudeness at all. Elegance and irony fascinate me. If a man can make me laugh out loud he’s already half done

Future plans?

I have many events scheduled including shootings, fashion shows and even TV broadcasts. I can’t wait so I invite everyone to stay active on my instagram to discover all the news in real time!

A secret dream?

At the moment I dream of one day feeling accomplished and completely satisfied with my work and my person. I hope to continue this career of mine but regardless, I hope to wake up in the distant future feeling complete and 100% confident in myself.

Where do you live?


A thought for the readers of our site.

Thanks for reading this interview! I send you a big kiss and please follow me!